STICK NO BILLS™ Posters Founders' Daughter Alexa's Fundraising Initiative

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Meg Williams
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La lucha contra la desnutrición infantil

STICK NO BILLS™ Posters Founders' Daughter Alexa's Fundraising Initiative

Our six year old daughter Alexa wanted us to use our fast growing poster business STICK NO BILLS™ ( to raise funds specifically to help counter malnutrition amongst infants. She does not understand how - when she can see such abundance all around her in Sri Lanka and the Balearics where she is growing up - so many kids are still starving. So she wants to help. Of course I can't bring myself to tell Alexa that MSF estimate that "eight children die every minute because their diet lacks essential nutrients .... [and that ] only 3% of the 20 million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition receive the lifesaving treatment they need". Rather, I need her to know that we are playing a role, however, tiny in helping increase the number of infants MSF DOES reach by donating proceeds from all sales of our posters and postcards to their LUCHA CONTRA LA DESNUTRICIÓN INFANTIL. We have set the end date for this specific MSF fundraiser as Alexa's birthday, 7th May 2019 and we shall keep you posted as to how much we have raised.

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  • Victoria  Baber Victoria Baber Donated 20 €

    Happy birthday Alexa. A great cause!!

  • kiki king kiki king Donated 40 €

    Alexa you're totally right - we love you!!

    Meg Williams Meg Williams: Oh wow Kiki, Alexa says thank you so much! XX
  • Catriona  Skevington Catriona Skevington Donated 40 €

    It totally breaks my heart too Alexa. Well done doing something

    Meg Williams Meg Williams: Ahh thank you Winks love Alexa xxxx
  • STICK NO BILLS™ Posters STICK NO BILLS™ Posters Donated 80 €

    Whenever our clients buy our travel posters they are helping us raise funds for MSF. Thank you for giving all STICK NO BILLS™ stakeholders this opportunity to help, Meg